Conscious Creators Content Cauldron
Conscious Creators Content Cauldron
Aaron Mandelbaum

What is This Place?

I built the Conscious Creators Content Cauldron to fill a few gaps in the communities I love:

  1. People were promoting their amazing programs, retreats, workshops, and courses to the same audience they've been promoting to for years.
  2. People ask in multiple group chats for recommended bodyworkers, marketers, venues, lawyers, or other experts/assistants/facilitators.
  3. People were double-booking weekend events and the community had to choose which to go to.

This community is specifically designed to solve those issues. Here you can:

  • Promote your offering to a new audience and incentivize them to share that offering with their friends.
  • View 1-on-1 professionals who work in touch, coaching, therapy, marketing, web design, law, more.
  • See a calendar of online and in-person courses all over the world.
  • Get access to experts, facilitators, artists, and performers available for your festival, event, or experience.
  • Review venues ready to host you sorted by continent or online only

Why This Is Valuable

  • Have a course planned? Post it here so other members will share it with audiences you've never promoted to.
  • See an event you're friends would be interested in? Share the affiliate link and get paid when they sign up.
  • Not sure when to host your next retreat? Check the events calendar¬†and plan your year based on what other activities are happening.
  • Want to collaborate? Find experts in the topics you want to know about and co-create the next perfect supergroup, podcast, retreat, etc.
  • Connect with members from around the world to get advice, learn, and make new friends.
  • Use the iOS app or Android web app to take us with you everywhere.
  • You'll have 24/7 editing capabilities for your listings.
  • Invite your friends! You were invited by someone who trusts you to create great content. Continue the thread to bring other amazing people into the community so we can grow and help each other succeed!

How Much?

This community is 100% free. There is a tip jar if you'd like to contribute and help keep it alive.

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